Focus on personalized e-commerce - H2H

Who does not want to feel like a VIP? Over the years we have tried to convince many that Internet sales should strive to emulate the shopping experience you get in the "real" physical life. Now, customers have begun to demand this in terms of e-commerce.

We have just implemented and launched an e-commerce solution for Kronaby, the beautiful and smart watch from Malmo. The platform we used for this is Sitecore Commerce, a platform that enables much of what we at Kodexe have preached for many years - a shopping experience with the customer, VIP.

We encourage companies to take advantage of all the sales knowledge accumulated when it is time to establish its first e-commerce or when it is time to modernize the existing e-commerce. We have seen so many examples where e-commerce venture are operated separately by the people with the digital skills, but lack sufficient insight into how the company has sold over the years without e-commerce. An important part of the process is not to throw away the customer knowledge, their needs and the experience of sales that thrived the company before the e-commerce. 

Offline meets online

Therefore, put together a group of those who have knowledge of traditional sales and those responsible for digital initiatives online. Complete it with outside efficiency that adds unique expertise in the definition, establishment and operation of a modern customer-centric e-commerce.

When it is time for the actual establishment it is still important to still put the customer and the customer experience in center. Customers today want a similar shopping experience online as in the physical store. This in turn increases the demand for brands to be able to personalize the shopping experience across all channels.

Sitecore has an "end-to-end" solution that in a very good way allows you to combine product presentation with e-commerce, which then in turn allows you to create a shopping experience that does not end with the purchase.

This was precisely the personalization and overall solution that Kronaby wanted to offer their customers when they chose to work with Sitecore Commerce together with Kodexe prior to their global product launch of their premium watch with smart technology. A system that combines product experience, message and shopping experience and creates a customer relationship with a focus on life-long loyalty.

For many years we have been told that there is a big difference between e-commerce directed to consumer, B2C and e-commerce that occurs between businesses, B2B. At Kodexe we believe that business always takes place between people and not between companies. If we believe that people are influenced by emotions and experiences then this modern e-commerce should probably partly be personalized to your target audience and secondly there should not be such big differences between B2C e-commerce and B2B e-commerce.

We now see the concept of H2H increasing, finally we put the human (the customer) in the center! In addition to increased sales through this mindset, it will also reduce the level of investment where you avoid the establishment of two separate solutions, one for B2C and one for B2B. Welcome H2H e-commerce!

Of course there are some differences. At this very moment we are completing the final details for Kronaby which then provides an overall solution for all types of customers.

We thank Kronby for giving us the chance to implement a solution focused on a personalized shopping experience for all humans!


Michael Nilsson Pauli - Kodexe


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